A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Shiver me pigments, it's Swatchbucklers! Winner of Game Jolt's Party Jam! A colorful high seas shootout between paint-splattered pirates. Local multiplayer for 1-4 players. Use networking solutions like Parsec to play with friends remotely.

Compete to cover the water in your choice of (very eco-friendly) paint. Use your paint cannon to shoot your pirate foes, or simply to color more water. Just be sure not to fall off the world!

Play in teams, or even cooperatively, to paint the seas red (or pink, or purple, or green, or yellow, or orange). Choose from four fiendishly cute pirate compatriots, each with their own unique ship.

So come on, ye paintlubbers! It's time to batten down the swatches and ink or sink!

Rounds only take a couple minutes -- what are you waiting for?!

(currently a game pad is required)

Move = Left Stick
Shoot = Right Stick (tilt stick to shoot in that direction)
Select = A
Back = B
D-Pad = Navigate UI menus

Kieran Lampert (@candidklamp) - Design, 3D Art, Animation
Steve Z (@ZappForThat) - Tech Art
Steff Lawhead (chocorobot.com) - Character Design, 2D Art
ZW Buckley (@zwbuckley) - Music, Sound Design
Patrice Metcalf-Putnam (@applesauce2u) - Programming
Alvin Raj (@influffity) - Programming


swatchbucklers_FINAL.zip 95 MB
swatchbucklers_linux.zip 98 MB

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