You start as a plain old, disembodied hand, searching for lost memories and friends.  Find them and discover the truth of your existence. This short, narrative-driven game has two possible endings.

Pieces was made in two weeks for Rainbow Jam 2020 with the theme "Stronger Together," and using the diversifiers OMG, pacifist run (while you can attack, you can complete the game without any violence), and the Bechdel Test.


Arrow keys (or WASD) to move, space to attack


  • Art: Nigeli Sy
  • Sound Design: Amerlyn Zeta
  • Programming and Animation: Patrice Metcalf-Putnam
  • Writing: Amy Peters and Patrice Metcalf-Putnam
  • Music: WeLoveIndies (titles: The Siren's Lament, Ghost Stories, Don't Look Back)
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorsPatrice Metcalf-Putnam, DacuriBlue
Made withGodot
Tags2D, Godot, Horror, Monsters, Narrative, Short


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I can't say any bad experience of it.
The music at the background......Loved It!
The style is also good.
I mean, weird, but in a good way.
I'm looking for more games like this!

Nice Job!

I  really want to play this game it looks amazing, But when I start up the game it just presents me with a loading screen, I've waited for what it seems like 10 years but it won't start. Any solutions please?

Oh no! Sorry to hear that!

I know occasionally people have issues with web builds like this when on a VPN? Also make sure to have an updated browser? I think Chrome and Firefox especially should work well.

Let me know details if you can about your setup so I can troubleshoot! It shouldn't take more than half a minute to load.

Thank you! I was trying to run this on the Itch.Io app but I tried just downloading and running it normally and it worked fine. The game was really cool and I loved it! I'll be sure to play your other games.

Both endings gotten, enjoyed it very much. Nice short little game.

This game is brilliant!. I liked the graphics and their old VGA style vibe. The characters are unique.  Kudos for it!


I also reached the two endings. Such a special game. Does having a heart make us stronger or weaker?

It's definitely a soulful game.


Wow this game is absolutely stunning. The theme and feel of the game is so unique its crazy. Got both the endings! Really really great game great job to everyone who worked on it!