After a long apprenticeship, the owner of the Iron Maiden Tavern has finally let you behind the bar! But this is no ordinary evening - it's Open Mic Night, and the patrons you'll be serving are in even more of a tizzy than usual.

Maybe I should also mention that you're a tiny fairy handling bottles bigger than you are?

(For best results, please download the game! Web builds can be laggy. Mac users may need to download through the Itch app for the Mac build to run correctly.)

Programming - Patrice Metcalf-Putnam 
Narrative, lyrics,  and UI - Xan "Lithish" Farley
Music -  Nick Carver
Character Art - thedude9d2
Background Art - Belledritch


Download 68 MB
Download 55 MB
Download 56 MB

Development log


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Very thoughtful little game! I had fun moving the bottles around, hearing some great sounds, and seeing some great art!!! Overall this is so good! 
Also the ENDING is so awesome. Fantastic! :D

Short and very sweet :D


That is some sick flute shredding! Cute little game with a nice story :)