Visual novel made in two weeks for Rainbow Jam 2021.


You play as a trans university student on holiday, helping your family clean up your nanna's house before the open house. Turns out you weren't the only one who held in a secret for years...

In this visual novel you'll meet three different beelzebabes (and might even be able to liberate one from the demon realm). Expect talk of gender identity, sexual orientation, and delicious baked goods.


Around 30-60 minutes (20 if you're decisive and a very fast reader)


Keyboard and mouse.

  • Enter/space to advanced dialog
  • Arrow keys or WASD keys to move in house
  • E key to interact



All in-game recipes should be bakeable, if slightly vague. Recipes derived from the following:


Download 73 MB
Download 85 MB
Download 73 MB

Development log


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Alright, I love this game but I haven't played it for a  while and this message came up: WebGL not available

Ohnoes! Can you let me know what browser (and version) you're using? Was just able to play the web build in Chrome and can't replicate this issue D:

It's working now... it may have just been my computer sorry about that...

No worries at all! Was super gratifying to know someone liked this game enough to come back to it a year later <3


It's amazing and adorable, I hope you make more romance games... I'd pay for it 😁


Enjoyed this- only got through a few days so far, but thought I'd comment anyway. I'll try and put aside the uneasy feeling that I'm hitting on a bunch of demons who had, erm, relations with my gran (she certainly had an interesting life) and focus on the playfulness of the game which is really well done

This is summed up for me by the 'waiting for the food' animation, which cracks me up evry time. The art, writing and music all compliment each other really well, and I'll look forward to deciding on a demon to 'liberate'- and trying to find out where the blood and the cauldron for the meringue recipe are coming from exactly!


Incredible!!! Great work all.

Such a cool menu to start things off, with those amazing character designs. And that walk cycle! So purposeful! Mans on a baking mission.

The writing is so great Robin! Very funny and endearing.

Great use of sounds throughout the dialogue, the cooking sounds are hilarious and my favourites. Fantastic music too, I loved the track that played when Lilith visited the first time

Tol's my fav, cried at the end letter